Small Bore Ball Valves for High pressure application

The original Copeland Power Valve. This
valve contains most of the same internal
components and design principles still
used today. The coatings are a little better
and now there is a 4 year, Zero Leakage
limited warrantee but Copeland stood
behind its products then and we still do.

Copeland's PV8 series was designed with our Chinese
customers in mind. In China, butt weld end connections are
the norm and Copeland's coating and delta ring body seal
has improved to the point that this valve is more reliable and
more cost effective than ever before. The valve comes in butt
weld, socket weld and other end connections.

Casting used in the original
Copeland/Fisher Power Valve.

The PVS Valve, like the original Power
Valve, is still sold today. The cost of
manufacture of the original Power Valve
was reduced by using bar stock and a
preformed mounting flange. However, the
internals and the operating principles of the
valve never changed. There are still
advantages to this design and the old
adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." makes it
a popular choice for many power plants
and engineering companies.

Above are two external photos of Copeland's PV8 Series.
Although the components are made in the USA, the color red
is in honor of our neightbors to the East who encourage the
development of the new two piece design.

Power Valves

Reduced bore ball valves for high pressure steam applications. Features carbide sealing areas, live-loaded
graphite packing and a forged body. Available in ANSI Class 900, 1500, 3000, 3200 and 4500 ratings. Sizes range
from 1/2" to 4".

Key Benefits

Long-Term Shutoff Integrity: Externally positioned guide bearings helps maintain precise ball-to-seat alignment.

Extended Packing Life: Packing gland followers uniformly energizes the live-loaded Grafoil® packing to extend
packing service life. Avoids the side loading common to two-bolt and four-bolt packing followers.

Extra Heavy Duty Blow-out Protection: High-strength Inconel® 718 pins help ensure shaft retention.

High-Pressure Capability: Forged WC9 chrome moly (F22) or carbon steel (A105) body provides superior
pressure-retaining integrity in high-pressure power plant applications. All other ANSI B16.34 materials available as

Cost-Saving Operation: Shutoff to MSS-SP61 specifications avoids wasteful steam loss due to excessive valve
leakage. Valves are also shipped with a Zero Leakage and 4 year limited warrantee.

Superior Wear Resistance: Ball and seat surfaces have been hardfaced with thermally-sprayed chrome carbide for
extreme resistance to abrasion. Inconel 718 internals add to operating integrity.

Lighter, Easier to Handle Design: Body offers a significant size and weight reduction over other designs.
easier to handle.