Platform/FPSO Separators

Recovered Energy is an experienced manufacturer of custom separation systems design for placement on oil platforms, jack-up rigs and FPSO's. Often these units are placed in hazardous areas with special electrical considerations & classifications. These units can be manufactured for flow rates from 25gpm to 3500gpm. Typically, these systems have many options for monitoring water including flow transmitters, pH monitors, UV disinfection and turbidity monitoring.


Complete - Ready to Operate
BOSS oil water separator units are shipped complete with motor, pumps, piping and controls and are ready to be easily installed and operated without delay.

Automatic Operation
Operation of this unit is a simple process. With just a little training the system can be started and runs automatically from that point on. 

Simple Reliable Design & Operation
These oil water separator systems are designed to be simple. No complicated piping or schemes. Reliability comes as a result of the solid construction, the lack of moving parts and the simplicity. 

Small Footprint
The BOSS oil water separator is designed to fit on ships, platforms and other tight spaces. This unit has a small footprint making it adaptable to most situations. 

Low Consumables- Low Maintenance
The standard oil water separator uses no consumables of any kind including filters. This means lower operating costs and headaches. Although the new IMO MEPC 107(49) certified unit requires a filter, the design remains simple and media replacement is made easy. The rugged construction of the oil water separator and it's lack of moving parts make maintenance minimal.

Self Monitoring / Self Priming
These marine oil water separator units are designed from the bottom up to operate automatically and monitor and adjust to your conditions. Self priming systems mean hassle free operation. There is no need for these oil water separator units to be installed on a flat, level, or even immobile surface. This makes them ideal for trucks, ships and other mobile applications. 

Withstands Heavy Vibration/Motion
There is no need for these oil water separator units to be installed on a flat, level, or even immobile surface. This makes them ideal for trucks, ships and other mobile applications. Designed for ships, heavy vibrations, violent motion and up to 30 degree plum tilt cause no problems with performance or reliability on these oil water separators. 

Low Operating Cost
Because of the solid construction of these marine oil water separators, low maintenance requirement, and low consumables, the operating costs are incredibly low. 

High Quality Industrial Component
Each component used in the marine oil water separators has been individually selected for it's industrial strength, strong vendor support, reliability and low maintenance requirements. 

Units in Stock for Quick Shipment
We stock various sizes of basic marine oil water separators so as to be able to respond quickly to your needs. Client satisfaction is at a premium at Recovered Energy, Inc. We can often take a stocked separator and add the options you need quickly to get you up and separating. Give us a call to see what we can do for you. 

Custom Need Consultation
Our engineering department is available for consultation regarding your custom marine oil water separator requirements. Each Specific application usually has some specific needs. Let us help you determine exactly what will work for you.