Micro-Emulsion (ME)

Micro-Emulsion (ME) Breaker Technology

Restores Reservoir Near-Wellbore back to its Original Permeability State

What if

> Virgin permeability can give you x2, x3 or x4 of your current well production?

> If yes, what would that mean?

* Fewer wells required to meet your field development plan and production target. You save 50 - 75% of development drilling cost!

* For a given number of planned wells: you get 2 to 4 times more production → Double, triple or quadruple Return On Investment (ROI).

* Higher injection rate at much lower pressure → Better sweep efficiency

* Smaller delta-P in producers and low injection pressure in injectors → Fewer reservoir damage.

Summary: 1 well → 2 or 3 or 4 wells → Huge ROI

What is the value of a technology that effectively gives you 1 to 3 " free wells" ?

Micro-Emulsion Breaker Chemicals for OBM

> Micro-Emulsion (ME) that provides fully integrated and combinatorial chemical systems for enhanced OBM cleaning, for filter cake removal and returning the reservoir near-wellbore back to its original virgin state / permeability and boost hydrocarbon production or water injection.

> An integrated approach that minimizes waste, enhances production, reduces time requirement and safely delivers a clean wellbore. Every time!

* Based on proprietary micro-emulsion technology

* Bi-Continuous micro-emulsion, a translucent liquid

* Has near zero interfacial energy

* Thermodynamically stable

* Microscopically homogeneous & heterogenous

* Highly efficient diffusion

* Single-step application

* In-Situ remediation of OBM & Emulsion damage

* It solubilizes oil and emulsifiers

* Water-wets all solids

* Breaks all emulsions

* Creates fluidity of filter cake solids

* Acid solubilizes Calcium Carbonate particles (damaging solids)