Bilge Water Separators

In January of 2005, many countries began requiring new ships and ships replacing separators (over 400 tons) to meet the IMO MEPC 107(49) regulations. This regulation requires removal of not only free oil as the previous regulation did, but also what is called "fluid C". Also oil content monitors are required to track results of separation. This new requirement has significantly raised the price of a bilge separator and limited the separators to choose from. The BOSS Series 107 brings you the best, most economical system available today to meet this new requirement. Our filter exchange program makes it easy.

With US Coast Guard and IMO MEPC 60(33) certification our standard BOSS separators are installed all over the world in many applications. They are known for their Heavy Duty construction, Simple and Efficient Operation and Affordability. Each unit comes built to operate for long periods of time in a harsh Industrial/Marine Environment with very little maintenance, attention or trouble. This unit can be provided to match any electrical power needs. Normally provided standard with a 3 phase power requirement.